Strawberry moon 6/28/18;what to expect and how you will feel

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What to expect with tonight’s strawberry moon; called a strawberry moon due to the harvesting of strawberry’s from the Native American Algonquin tribes.
Yes they kept track of the moon phases for harvesting fruits and vegatables and a way to keep track of when to for growth , seasons , and time !No it won’t really be red or strawberry but with the lunar eclipse the shadows from certain parts of the earth will have a orange glow .
Some call it blood moon, rose , honey, cherry, just some different names that many from all around the world have names it .
So what will you feel like ??
Your energy will be high, changes will occur, new attitudes and actually some people will surprise you with how loving and caring they will appear.
This is why I choose to have a queen service, to employ and uplift all the woman among me , Those who cherish you and love you will see you as the most beautiful woman that walked the earth, your lover will gaze , your kids will be fascinated with you , you family will be excited to have you, work relationships will be better and everyone among you will give you more attention that you need !

Tonight’s strawberry moon will show forth a lot of love and can be beneficial for spells involving emotional changes .

Courage , long term changes , self esteem , self love and positivity.
Even though the moon is growing small in the next 14 days, expect to see a huge increase in those around you .
Loving you like it’s their last , Great Times to work spell to reconcile the hearts and heal and forgiveness .
The energy is so heavy you May meet some new friends and chat it up with complete strangers .
Don’t over spend this week , cash will flow out easily but ,you will have a good time spent with friends and thats what matters this weekend, laugher with good friends and enjoying life .

It’s a Full moon , perfect night for any spell but with the moon waning right after keep yourself heavy protected as many witches will be working this moon phase to bend , break , dominate and destroy .

Keep you Evil eye bracelets on, oil them up, set Protection and a fierce shield along you and your loved ones.
Many energies will clash , happiness, Love , envy, & pure hate . You will feel it’s seeping out your enemies soul! Stay protected and cleanse that's shit off!

Expect spells that you’ve sent out to manifest , pay attention to the time !!
Those signs you’ve been looking for ; clues the spirits want to send you are all gonna be in full force. Names will flow out, dob will appear . It’s all out there just listen for once.

Pay attention this Moon phase , secrets will be exposed , lies will be broken , promises will taken for granted. Everything and anything that can be done to keep you in someone’s life will done.

Love is definitely in the air and if it’s not broken ;protect it because jealousy will surely be in the air hovering over it !

It’s a great time to feel good and make things all about you . Love you , take in all the love being given and stop to smell those roses, as well as pick some roses with thorns to keep Evil, negativity and those nasty ass witches in witch jars. Witch jars are a must !!
(Don’t worry I’ll show you how )

As much as you will feel the love , want and need it , there will be someone as well that can’t get enough of it, or get some period!
Don’t let that stop you, keep a smile on you face and never let them see you sweat , pull in your blessings and stop to say Thankyou , sometimes it’s all someone needs to hear to make there day just as special as yours .
Live your best life and be the Best you !
Peace and blessings

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