St Expedito 7 Day Money Spell w/ Planetary seals

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St Expedito quick money spells using planetary Seals 

Start with your Jupiter seal  written over brown parchment / allow it time to dry if using dragon blood ink.  This ritual can be prepped any day of the week, but it should be lit on Wednesday planetary day ( Mercury) seal should be incorporated ) with St Expedito . One seal at top and one at bottom .

7 candles total needed per day 
3 red candle with the $ amount
3 red candles with your name and dob 
1 red candle with the seal of Jupiter and Mercury seal .

The request to st Expedito should be said 3 times along with psalms 23 for his intercession .
His prayer request should be personal for your needs and granted petition , speak from the heart and be honest with your needs financially .

If the request is for a bill payment place the bill direct under st Expedito.( No offerings should be placed near him ) Only fresh cold water daily / His statue or photo and the candles and items needed for spell .

write down a time from as to when you would like the situation covered 7/14/21 days or a exact day . Dont try to rush him with a quick day like in 24 hours / it will never go well, he needs time to intercede  .

spread fast luck powder , quicksand , 7 pyrites and silver magnetic sand in a circle around him , the dressed candles with his oil should go behind him in a circle.

This ritual entails at least 7 days of candles so you can light up for 7 days straight . You can use t light/ chimes/ spells candles and super candles .

3 times a day you should also include fast luck incense and master root can be placed within the ritual to help you master this request

3 prayers a day can should be said/ the 7 candles should be lit that same day but snuffed in 3 sessions.

The wax can be jack balled every day and left over the altar for st Expedito rolled in cinnamon . The end of the 7 day cycle you should have 7 jack balls for each day and session .

Take all the powders and herbs and place in a bag with the cloth parchment / petition paper and any photos you included , and  keep on the altar until your request has been meet 

The session can be repeated if your request has yet to be fulfilled on the day you request . Remember to had given st Expedito time to cover your financial needs.

Rushing him is never a good thing . When he has came through remember to give this Saint his offerings

Red Roses/ pound cake/ Red  candles or T-lights and a public thanks can be left in this same blog or anywhere on my website to thank him .

Leaving no offering after you got your needs fulfilled will be something you will regret later. So take time and leave it right away .

Thank him and remember not to bother him for money / or quick help all the time ,only when you really need his intervention. ✨Stay blessed✨

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