Shop Information-Please Read

Majicden by Majichan offers a variety of spiritual services and products.

Specializing in many Handmade Herbal candle, oils, baths, Mojos,sachet powder etc.. to give you a better Majical experience. I've been working my way with Majic And been practicing hoodoo and the origins of my Roots for Years  . My love for Majic has pushed me to create a shop where i can customize Handmade items Custom made Rootwork services for everyone who needs me .

 Majic runs deep in my bloodline and I love it and what it has done to my life. Its a part of my everyday routine.Once i was able to accept my gift it has allowed me to freely accept this lifestyle and share it with others. I welcome everyone Practicing and the many religions  and all occult's as well , I welcome all  who love  hoodoo, voodoo, Wicca ,paganism ,Santeria, esotericism  and the many other wonderful spiritual beings of Majic.

My Professional services , curios and oils and anything else that I offer at my shop will differ for everyone. Each item should be treated as a remedy for you situation. Not all remedies will treat your condition or solve it right away , results will vary from person to person .

My professional spiritual services and items work there way into your life outcomes /results are not guaranteed for everyone .

Majic doesn’t come with instructions ;but my youtube channel, as well as the description in my listings will help guide you and direct you to working your spell, and you should also have a good idea of how you wish to work majically.The outcome you obtain working with my spiritual items and products are 100% your manifestations . Spiritual items will not be sold to anyone under 18. Sold as curios .

** Updated as of June 2023 **


*Please No DMS 

*Please email me directly for inquiries / sales And about orders /you can also email me directly from my website :


Consultations,Sales & orders

For Inquiry’s & questions-

for classes and Learning



This is a Hand made Spiritual shop, I am the Sole proprietress working each and every single order/Service /Reading and Hand making  all my items . This isn’t a huge factory nor warehouse. Orders are not shipped the same day and each order has to be pulled and then created. Please keep in mind that prior to me getting to your order that i am working the other orders that we’re placed before yours. I ask for patience while i get through my orders . If you don’t feel the need to wait it’s best you make the items at home , I cannot be rushed . I have no problem refunding you if you feel you rather not wait for a special handmade spiritual item . Orders don’t need to be checked in on, I send 2 emails for every order that requires shipping. One that says it’s been Fulfilled and then a second one that states it’s been shipped with a tracking number , I ask for you to wait for this before emailing me about a order that may not had Been created yet ...This message is also listed on my Instagram/ Facebook / Youtube Channel and in my about majic Shop details . Thanks for your time 


 ****You CANNOT cancel a order After I’ve made it or Cancel a Service While it’s being Serviced



PLEASE email me if you have any issues .

***Anyone who creates False PayPal disputes and or False chargebacks will automatically be Banned from my website.  

**Shipping charges include : Shipping Handling and processing, Packaging .

**Sales, specials and promotions cannot be combined nor credited for past orders. Cancellations will incur a $5 FEE . 

**Restocking/ Refund / Cancellation fee  

My time and products aren’t free to waste. Please respect that I will charge a $5 Fee per Every refund for Cancellations that i have to make for items or Services I haven’t pulled , Please don’t come to my Spiritual Shop to play any Games nor waste MY Valuable time and energy . 






Service Scheduling 

All services are scheduled upon my availability and Atlar space .Services and the start day will vary upon what you ordered and what has to be made.

This applies to all services / This is a updated listings / everyone and every order has a wait time .When it comes to services, I complete those solely .

Typically within 30 Business days it will be scheduled and serviced after I’ve made everything for the service ,you will be notified via a Fulfilled Email .

when i am booked out for the month you Must be willing to wait . I cannot be rushed by no means !! Wait time can’t take up to 6 weeks when I’m booked out completely .


Each order completed at receives a order confirmation along with a receipt  for what your have ordered.

Therefore  numerous emails to confirm your order isn’t necessary.You must wait  for your order to be fulfilled , all orders are done in the order in which they are received .

sometimes i am heavy with orders / it can take a few days (7-10 days) for small orders  /sometimes 21 days  business days and  Even 30days  and longer ( when dozens of orders are in que)or when you have a huge handmade order and many candles and oils  ;So i ask you have patience.

Orders placed 48 hours prior will not be ready right away, most likely that order hasn’t even been pulled . So again i ask you to have patience while waiting .

**I push to have orders going out in a timely manner** (10 business days )each oil is handmade, each candle is handmade , everything is handmade and prepped individually/ then orders have to be wrapped each , then orders have to be packaged for shipping / you get email updates on all this  and then i have to take the package to its shipping carrier. It’s a process so please be patient while i work on your order.

You can check the status of your order by creating an  majicden account  and you will be updated .To create an account select the menu link at the top left hand side of the website and the drop down menu will have the link to open one .Top right of the shop page also allows you to create a account .


I am a online Spiritual shop , you will have orders that have to be created first before i get to your order. I cannot jump to your order and bypass many .

Just as any online business ,orders have to be processed and pulled , This is a 1- woman operation right now and I work as swiftly as  I can to create all my handmade items, fulfill services , Readings  and free consultations  etc .

Patience is needed and required when working with me and i do appreciate everyone who does.

Everyone's order has importance at the Majicden !



Consultations,Sales & orders

For Inquiry’s & questions-

for classes and Learning

Emails and inquiry’s and free email consultations will take up to 3-7days  for me to reply sometimes longer, due to heavy email inquiry’s .

Please consider everyone else’s email prior to yours , that is why you have to wait because i am answering as many emails until i get to yours .

When I do get to your email please make sure you have all the information listed for your services or products or question .you should also leave details in the notes sections for orders  .

I do get busy just as any online shop so I cannot answer emails as fast.I am not at the Majicden 24 hours a day. Duplicate emails aren’t necessary.

Please dont contact me via social media to ask about prices or inquiry’s or your order , this is what my website is for . I will direct you back to my website so you can read this. If you want to know if your service is scheduled please email me .




**I will email you a service update email once  I set your service , before or after and  or the day and week I have it scheduled.

Your full wax report on the service along with photos will be emailed to you once the service  is fully completed and disposed . 

Please don't email in the middle of the service asking for details or for an update on service how things are going. I will reply and tell You that must wait for your report .

lights will receive a after photo  and brief report/ No start photos for lights will be sent .

please allow token lights a sufficient time to burn all the way out ,they aren’t set on the weekends . If you have a 7 day lights it will and can take longer than 7 days and that applies to 9 day and 14 day . Please just wait for them to be done and you will be emailed with a report . Highly appreciated , rushing me and sending duplicate emails isn’t going to make the service finish quicker .


Wax reports are full of information , and divination read via the flame , wick , the smoke  and left over wax and any divination seen while the services is done will be noted, you are receiving  a reading of the wax. 

once a service is done it’s completed and disposed .A reading should be purchased if you have any other additional questions , other than what I provided.

IF you want continued  services you must pay to have your situation  worked continuously.

**Once your service is completed and a picture and report is sent , my time with you for that service is completed.

There are No further UPDATES, you will need to order a READING to find out anything else happening after .




 Consultations - are not free via email or phone / please book them to find out what to order per your situation . This is also listed at the shop/ simply use the search bar and you will see both listings . 



a group service is done in a group . 

No Individual  reports or personal pictures are sent(Unless noted for that service) . I post photos on my Instagram sometimes , if i don’t  post  pic that will be because a name may be easily seen in the picture on the candle or petition and i Respect all my customers And Clients personal information. Pics are posted of 7 or more candles, if it was  small group service 3-6 It will no longer be shown .

Group services aren't mailed, when you receive a fulfilled email it has a email detailing that your order or  service is being serviced, please make sure you Read everything i send can Also email  me prior to purchase if you have any questions and i will be happy to explain 

group services are done on the same day they are scheduled for and i typically give you 7-10 days sometimes more time to purchase . I will no longer take last minute group services or same day . 


My servcies are specific as to what is offered , and the amount of days it’s  is also worked .

Please make sure you read everything in the listings.

All Services are worked by me upon my altar , when you order at Majicden it states either your ordering a item  which is shipped to you or a service which’s is worked by me ok your behalf.

Please makes sure you read all information that i have posted under the service , if it does not say service it’s isnt worked by me it shipped to you to work at home  , all my services are all in the same area . 

Selecting readings / services at checkout doesn’t turn your order into a service , you must order specifically from my collections which has all my servcies . That option is ONLY for readings and services .

Unless you’ve purchased continued Services  , once a service is done , it’s completed  and disposed .

Each service is fully detailed and it’s done only  once, unless noted along with the days it will be worked as it says  .You should order a reading prior to your  services . Readings aren’t free and dont come with any service. No exceptions!! It’s up to you to get a reading there is no pressure to get one , but you cannot expect  me to offer a reading with everything you purchase.

Readings are sold separately .


You cannot choose a day for your work to be done, it will solely be up to me and my availability . If you cannot wait for the service and will be impatient , please don't order . I will not tolerate any rude or disrespectful people .I will simply not work for you . 

 I cannot work under pressure , everyone has to wait , this is why i schedule my services .

*Please allow me time once i start working for you to do my work, give me my space as well as the spirits to do what we need to 

I cannot be rushed or constantly be emailed  and texted daily and every 20 minutes  asking when I'm going to start, ( I have it listed all over the website as well as here that you have to wait and I’ve listed a wait time )

If you lack patience, prior to your order being completed i will kindly refund you and  cancel your order .

Anyone who abuses my personal phone number will be blocked !!! 

When i exchange my number with you for majic chat , it’s not to be used 24/7 to text me every time of the day .

please respect my time and my phone 


 The only orders that can be done within 7-14 days are orders in which you have paid for with the emergency fee with your service .

If you want to have emergency services , please message me  and find out  if you can order it for your services.

Emergency services are done within 10-days items are made and then it scheduled   and that emergency service fee  is located In the services  menu .

You must select this on the same day as your service, I will not honor a emergency service fee if it's not done the same day as your service order.

If you have no patience to wait for your service to be started , it's best to purchase the products and work yourself .my videos will guide you .



I don’t ship on Holidays or holiday weekends.

No overnights or express shipping 

I ship any day of the week 

Nor will any emergency reading , emergency service or services  during a holidays .

No exceptions .

✨ Any package that was replaced due to being lost(At that moment with tracking ) and then it’s recovered by postal office after i resent it out again and provided tracking  to you, You will either have to return that duplicate package or i will send you a INVOICE . If your package was lost in transit and the tracking show you received both after i most likely resent it right away. You must pay for it. ✨

I will not replace any package marked as delivered and lost by your carrier after i have shipped / and tracked shows delivered. Please open a claim with you carrier. This is a small business and  i can’t be held  responsible  for a big carrier / postal man or ups delivery mistakes for anything they do , once i correctly ship it out . 


Returned orders-

Any orders returned to me due to you not picking  up your package, wrong address or issues at the postal office , shipping must be paid for again by you / orders  left at carrier and not picked up and deemed abandoned will not be refundable . It’s your duty once i ship to pick up ,if it goes to a postal box or pick up space . Please pick up your orders . Customs fees are also your responsibility in your country . 

I will not keep repaying for shipping due to any errors on your part.



spiritual work and your custom made orders are all non refundable . Please make sure you have also added the correct shipping address, I cannot stop orders that go out and I will not create new orders because you have made Mistakes and fail to realize only when the order has been delivered .



Readings are done in the order they come in , results will be emailed within 7 -10 days depending on the amount of readings that have been ordered for the day, longer wait times will only occur, if my volume is heavy. Only emergency readings are done 72-84 hours hours Otherwise noted.




Please allow anywhere between 14-21 Business days to process , pull, create and then ship . Order dont have a ETA not need to be checked up on daily , you must wait for a shipping and fulfilled confirmation emails your confirmation email after order explains the process . 

**Business days are Monday - Friday 

 There is a wait time on all orders, no order can be ready in 24 hours .

I do experience Heavy orders periods and that will also create a wait period which can increase the wait time to an additional days .

When that occurs i will post a message on my private Instagram page for everyone  to see, or you will be emailed to let you know your order will take longer due to my volume or a general message will be posted on this main page of my website  . 

Customers with large orders, multiple orders a , have longer wait times and all custom made items- Mojo and dolls and custom mirror boxes etc  will take longer 30 -45 Buisness Days sometimes longer due to heavy periods of orders    .

I post updates on my website and Instagram so please follow me . Majichans_Majicden

Please double check your orders before you complete it.please make sure you track your order as well, I ship with USPS, tracking is sent to everyone.

Please track YOUR item with the tracking number emailed to you . It's your responsibility to make sure you have Provided the correct shipping address for your order.

I will NOT replace orders sent to incorrect addresses  because of your error, you have 24 hours after ordering to contact me to fix an address or name error.

Upon checkout pleased double check your orders make sure you select the correct shipping option .

**please don’t select SERVICES and READINGS at checkout for orders that require shipping .

I will kindly cancel and email you so you can CORRECTLY reorder .

please double check what you doing so no errors can occur .

 **No Returns or Refunds on spiritual items.

 Replacement will only be done for damaged items upon arrival from postal office, Not for orders you dropped, stepped on, ran over , or eat by your pet and especially not smashed or damaged by your lovers 

Each item is insured And will cover declared lost items, which will be replaced in 14-21  business days after investigation is completed by postal service. 

Packages stolen and damaged by your neighbors ,family members or significant other cannot be replaced if marked as delivered!



 ***New items and services will be updated weekly, custom request and inquiry's can be sent to

Each items is custom made for you so no returns can be accepted . This is my spiritual shop , you cannot test my items candle etc use them and then expect to return them to me .

Thats not fair to my business, so make sure you want the items / this isn’t a sampling shop.

I take my customers / clients  serious so please take me serious as well.

I will not tolerate anything of that matter .



I have a YouTube channel above on the menu  and many products, spells, recipes and tips are discussed there. I do list details on what each item does and sometimes an example such as the time to work it, days, herbs or oils is listed along with that.

I cannot guide you through your spells via email  if you have no idea what to do,  for those who do know how to handle majic, you can  order a spell request which is step by step, that is a services you must purchase which can help guide you to the T!

I create them for you or give you detail for detail, word for word instructions on what to do with the items your purchasing.

please have some kind of understanding on what your purchasing, how you will work it, your full intent, your petition and your outline to your spell with my Majical items all put together prior to purchasing .

please refer to my youtube channel & watch the videos and read the comments. I explain alot of details on there so its best to watch the whole video so you wont miss something that you may have a question on .

My items are prayed over, blessed and given a touch of majic to help guide you on your spiritual journey. 

All services, products and spiritual advice and consultations are all for your own personal Entertainment.

I am not responsible for any results or outcomes with the use of any item purchase at my website.  Nor are result aren't  guaranteed.please understand that  

These items are sold and intended as curios only.

 Thankyou for your Time