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Title: So Blessed
Rating: 5 stars
Author: MJ

I am blown away at my results my stove stop working and the landlord told me that the maintenance man was out sick and she ordered me another stove and it won't be delivered till the 10th of march remind you at that time it was the end of February. I went to go take a shower and I closed my eyes and started praying while rubbing the attraction soap in my hands and when I was done I did the same thing with the money soap I had no money I am living pay check to pay check and when I did this people started sending me money and it was right on time because I was stressed about how my kid's was going to eat not to mention I was going to place a big order when I got my taxes but my taxes was taken so I was out of luck so I thought I use the attraction soap with the money soap and was able to feed my kids I been without a stove for 3 weeks and when I tell you that these to soaps Blessed me I am forever grateful Thank You For Taking The Time Out To Create Wonderful Products That Really Works I highly Recommend This To Anybody Who Is Suffering Or Going Through A Financial Bind...



 review from F.S.

"I have ordered multiple readings which were all accurate and unbiased.
Her items are all high quality and hand made.
She has outstanding communication during any service she provides.
I highly recommend. "




 review from MIA.

"She is very good on her readings very accurate. Her packages are nice and neat on time. She is super informative too and gets the job done. Contact her for any spiritual needs!!!!"


review from Bad Juju.

"Yoooo her custom skulls and oil WORK!

I had gotten a custom pink skull that had my petition and 2 oils to tie up and bind my man like it worked too damn well but im super happy with the results!

Results : My man does as i say and agrees only with me ... i got this dude eating out the palm of my hand NO LIE

i love how she answers her emails and her vids very informative

and yes her readings are to the point ...."


 review from L M.

"Majicden is MAGIC. She is very gifted and very on point with her advice, and readings. I recommend her any day."



review from SM.

"I have ordered reading and customise services from her. My service was done with professionalism. My reading was accurate and i also like the advice for my situation.she is really good and i recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual guide,healing or any other spiritual service."




review from Tiffany B.

"I have asked Majichan to help me with a few things and not only did they turn out successful, she bestowed great advice and I am so grateful that I found her. Also, her Youtube channel gives me so much motivation, I love listening to her speak. Thank you! "




Hi Majic,

I have learned so much from you. I was literally $600.00 short on paying for another place to stay. I did the ammonia jar about a week ago IM BROKE... turn the situation around.. I went to the casino today before I went in I kept saying the gambling spell petition you just recently posted on Youtube ... I won exactly $600.00 ... I can not Thank you enough for all your teachings and the workings you have done for me.




 Testimonial from Mrs ML

Thank you so much I did the cleansing soap and the cleansing candle yesterday. Lastnight I got a unexpected text from husband...

Omg you deserve all the best. My car insurance give me two months credit.The cleansing is causing miracles! Two months of insurance credit.They told me it was extra money I had pay ,i have no idea what they talking about.I don't know how to thank you. 4 days only into the cleansing! Thank you so much!



 Mrs S$

Thank you so much for working with me. I would like to say that vision oil is on fire, I was able to capture in and see what some people thought of me and even get vibes of what is actually taking place.



I used this soap a few weeks ago.The first day i cleaned with the soap my head was clear it felt something pulled off. I used it for four days i noticed that when i asked my mom for money she gave it to me. MY mom does not want to help me now she does. im glad i found Majichan this soap did work.I will be a future client.



Vickie B. 

I have never and will never ever have a problem with any of majickhands products she is the best her soap have given me so much rejuvenateion and peace I can not begin to explain. I love her videos and her just being real ,she keeps it real when she speaks... Keep up the good work and I truly hope someday I will meet you.... I am a loyal and faithful customer forever as long as she is in business and is able to continue to work.... Big hugs and always love to you majickhands... You are the best


1000 STARS
In a matter of 4 days of cleansing using this soap. I got 2 months insurance credit. Insurance lady called and said you have 2 months credit do you want a check or the credit added to the insurance. I don't know where that money came from honestly they said it was money that I had. I even got a sweet text from my husband Im separated from. Same day thank you Majichan. I love you and everything you've done... Gifted hands I need a bucket of this soap!


Alvina M. 
An eye opener to what I needed to know hurtful but real but much appreciated to know the truth



I love using all of her items. My reading is always accurate to the tee.


This is the most on point reading I think I’ve ever had!! You really tuned into the situation at hand and told me things that he has told me before, as well as things I knew as well. I’m so excited to continue with you!!


Excellent - would buy it again


Mimi B 
I can't thank you enough 2readings and I absolutely adore and love your honesty. She is truly sent from the heavens... You hit everything on the head Majichan... Absolutely amazing and was done fast. She has a true gift and I recommend her for any spiritual need... Thank you thank you blessings! Been getting service from last year and never not once has she failed me!😍😍😍 May health wealth and all great things come to you...


 Road opener candles
Rating: 5 stars
Lutty V. 

Perfectly packaged. Once I opened the package I can feel the spiritual of the candles. Shipping was pretty fast especially for very detailed work.


Title: Products/ services
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Anonymous 

Her work and products speaks for itself. Not only does she do a great job... she has a big heart , is honest and really cares about her clients situations and needs. I would most definitely recommend.

Mrs $

I had a special blend of oil made by you to be favorable and get a car and yesterday I anointed myself and husband , went to the car lot and came home with a new car👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Thanks!, the oil is awesome.



 I have several of my friends calling your cleansing soap Miracle Bars. Those soaps are really working miracles and are changing lives daily. I use to be so depressed and felt very overwhelmed everyday but now whenever I'm feeling stressed or carrying heavy energy I always take me a good bath with your cleansing soap and I walk out of that bathroom feeling like a new woman. They sell out just as fast as she can make them that alone is a sure sign their definitely fillled with that Majic touch. If You've reached this website, please understand your life will never be same, there are no coincidences. Miracles, signs and wonders are only a purchase away. Have faith and a little patience and you'll see everything great is always worth the wait. We are not just a clients but we're all family now. Peace and Blessings to all of you.



 Success candle

Ms J

I got the success candle I didn’t burn it right away because I was saving it for a perfect moment, and when I did finally decide to burn it I got accepted into nursing school

Stay away candle

Ms J

I feel like the candle did work because the person doesn’t bother me anymore

 Money stay candle

Ms J

I absolutely love the money stay candle 🕯 seem like soon as you order it, it starts the work before you even get it

Ms D

I used the Blockbuster Super Candle along with the Spiritual bath. My results was AMAZING!!! The mental and emotional blockages no longer exist. Doubt and sadness is GONE! Paths and doorways have been opened for me and I definitely can see clearly now. I thought someone had hexed me until I used these two products and I began to realize that I was the one who was sabotaging myself with my thoughts. The candle and the spiritual bath helped to lift and remove that lingering negative spirit and I now have a new outlook and perspective on my life! Many Blessings to you Majic!



Ms M

so successful!!
Majic is so gifted, and my family & I so blessed and grateful to have found her! Majic did the 2 Bad Skull service for a situation we were in with a truly EVIL sociopath who repeatedly tried to ruin our lives (and many others), and WOW it was a huge success! Three weeks after Majic did the working, the lying, stealing, stalker lost her great job, was arrested (and already found guilty!), lost her boyfriend who went to jail, lost the support of all her friends & family, and was evicted from her home. And since the 2 Bad Skull working in May, the vain narcissist who is obsessed with her looks has gained around 30 pounds and looks like she's aged 10 years! The best part? Almost overnight, she completely stopped bothering us and has vanished from our lives! Thank you so much Majic for returning our lives to being happy, positive, and full of love! :)


Real deal!!!

Her name says it all! Majichands!!!! SHE IS THE BOMB...REAL DEAL She DESTROYED the situation for me, very detailed in her report and respond back ASAP! I will continue to patronize MAJICHANDS for any and all services I need done!



I Received a reading and although it broke my heart it was well needed Majichan was straight forward thorough and very honest. Her reading was right on point and I shared nothing with her other than our names and dob. I’m definitely having more work done with her she is truly amazing 



Whenever I use her soaps I feel myself being cleansed instantly from all negative energies that lingers around me. I will continue to use to keep me protected and cleansed. I will be purchasing more before I am out of them. Her items are always packaged nicely and with love. Thank you Majic.



Hi Majichan, 
I thought I would give an overall review, not only on your products but on you as well and how I am blessed to have found you.
Here goes:
I have known for a number of years that something was impacting negatively on my life. I would go to bed and wake up feeling unrefreshed, and have feelings that I was being held down on my bed and cannot move.  In the latter part of 2017, my family started falling apart, having constant arguments in my home, my husband started drinking, and came home most nights intoxicated. My girls would argue constantly and there was just no peace in my home. Everyone's energy and motivation was low.
This went on for a number of years. In the latter part of 2019, I came across this website and decided to give it a go, first with a reading, and my goodness, I was blown away with the results I got back from Majichan; she was spot on! I read very keenly her emails that she sent, and followed her advice to the best of my ability, and I can tell you hands on heart that this has yielded results that have favourably impacted not just on my life, but my family's life as well. Sadly, my husband has being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, but by God's grace, he will be OK.
I will conclude, but before I go, I would like to say that I will continue to use Majichan's products and her services as I have had excellent results. She is very easy to talk to, has a very kind heart and her products are awesome.
Thank you for your good thoughts, words and good deeds.
You Rock!
Love Karen & Family



Hi majic!

We did some reconciliation work and destruction lights I believe in November or December of last year. Just wanted to update you and thank you. I left a review as well but in the event that you don’t get it, I’ll attach it in a separate email.
The work you did, did just that! It worked!
The woman that wouldn’t get out of the picture is gone. I waited some time before writing you because I wanted to be sure she was out of the picture and not just temporarily. I haven’t seen or heard of them being together and from what his close friend has said they have not been in contact.
 just wanted to thank you for your help and provide testimony because that destruction light for sure took her out.

May God bless you for helping protect my child. I honestly see a different child. She is happie, wants to spend time with me, no more fights between us and she has continue with cleansing soap, jinx, favors, cleansing and protection oils. 
Thank you again for giving me my child back.
Majiccccc !!! Lemme tell you. And I mean this in the most respectful way.... You are a BAD Mothafka okay!! Lemme tell you about the group prosperity lights on July 12 2021. I purchased them you know  to get some shit rolling financially bc I get money and it burns throw my pocket and I needed some money ASAP  . Anyway so boom I had quit my job a month ago. I have another one but this was the one I’ve been at for 12 yrs. long story short I decided to cash out on my 401k . They kept playing with me telling me my job still had me as an employee . Now last week they told me it could be up to another 2 weeks of this waiting game. 
GIRL!! Why TF today I open my emails and they sent me a email for payout options !! My money was ready YESTERDAY LMAO JULY 12 , 2021!! I KNOW that’s that good ass Majic and I appreciate it for speeding up the process ! I believe in all your products I use them all the time and from the bottom of my heart girl thank you!!!
Hi MajicHan,
I wanted to leave a review for you because you saved me. I got my visa to leave and enter Canada freely. Thank you forever.

The rooms felt so much lighter and brighter after I used this. She puts so much care and energy into her products that I trust and feel confident buying from her, every time.


Quartz oil

I used this during my studies to help me think clearly and logically, it sure did work. My daughter is now currently using this to help her with her studies.

As usual, no disappointments from Majic. Will be purchasing again. The smell is gorgeous.


Freeze em Jar 

Great outcome, it helped to stop an evil man in his tracks


Court case blocker lights 

Thank you for your help. I won my case


 Mojo Soap

This mojo soap is a great one , I felt good Vibrations when I began using the mojo soap it smells good to great lather rinses off good. I will buy again.
Thanks majic
Many blessings to you


October sweet lights 

I participate in the sweet lights each month thank you Majichan for this service.

April prosperity Jar 

I truly enjoy being in Majichan's jar services it's so worth it for me. My life has been getting better for the better!



Review: 5 stars of course
I been with majichan now for a few years and I will always shop with her. I knew she was the real deal when I stumbled upon her on YouTube. I did her ammonia jar to turn my income situation around (I left my job to take care of my mom) and we had no income it was exactly 3 days after doing my jar and THREE is a huge significance for me, I got a large unexpected check. But shoot to be honest money was coming in from everywhere and all sources after that jar… Also tried it for other things and also effective.
The second spell I did was the bitter aloe for a “bitter” heffa that was TRYING to send evil and harm my way and on my family. I’m not going to even explain the dynamics because it got nasty real nasty-but it was justified and deserved. 
Majic is like family by now. Apart of my soul tribe. Her guidance is angelic. She’s very knowledgeable. I’ve shopped with her for EVERYTHING from incense, oils, curios, roots, group services, herbs. I do a lot of my own workings but I pay my respect if I’m learning from her videos I’m gone purchase from HER. The things you can grab from Amazon, factory manufactured or a mass supplier are not as powerful as hers. Her energy is amazing and work wells with everything I do. Sooo powerful that everything I do. It does work!
Some must haves are Majic’s dragon blood conjure oil, cast off evil oil, devil be gone oil cleansing and sweet oil. That sweetening scrub is the truth too, so is the cleansing SOAP.
 The group rituals are good they put the energy over you but I’ve purchased some of her personal spells and she’s able to put more power and energy and the affects are longer. I’d imagine group services would be more affective if done frequently. If your unsure about something or need divination done I suggest booking a reading she’s on point with those too. 


I want to say thank you Majic...for all your help and'll never know how much I appreciate you and your help. I always look forward your videos on YouTube and the Patreon site. Each time I receive an order from you,  I can actually feel your energy and I love the the way you package orders and the little extras. Your kindness comes through in your emails...again thank you and God bless you.




Family Jar: Back in August,  I contacted Majic about the jar she mentioned in the Blood Root video. She created a jar for my sister because her children were very divided, angry and in constant turmoil with each other, and with the parents. Once she received the jar, she immediately started working it. The change has been so comforting.  There's no constant arguments, and the kids actually go places together without "drama". The Blessings oil Majic included with the jar is amazing and smells wonderful.  Again thank you so much Majic for helping this family. 

Fresh Blood Root: I purchased fresh blood root from Majic after watching her YouTube video on this root. I used it on 2 family members that were always angry and very disrespectful to other family members.  Their behavior was really adding a lot of stress and pain. I used the root with their name papers, as Majic instructed in the video. This was done in September and quickly my family noticed a change in these two individuals.  Now they're a lot more respectful in their contact with family. 
Thank you Majic for sharing you knowledge and wisdom 🙏