7 days of majic giveaway

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Happy Holidays 

Welcome to 7 days of Majic 

7 days of winners 

7 days of giveaways 

7 days of Majic !!

How to win:


****Follow me on Instagram  , Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel


please don’t comment anywhere else but this post if you want to win .


To enter please comment below and use either your YouTube name or Instagram name along with the giveaway you wish to win 

Each day i will list what being given away .


*I also have giveaway for my Longterm subscribers/clients and customers  who have been here from the start with me , supporting my YouTube channel ,Facebook, Instagram

Supporting my Vision , Majicden and being Positive caring people who’ve grown very close to me  in my life .

Many of you I’ve watched grown spiritually into better people, open new paths,open businesses and reconcile and start family’s you’ve longed for , it’s a blessing to help so many .I want to thank you all just for being you , being yourself and always keeping it 💯.

I Will Thank myself as well, for my Hard work, Being a leader , a Great Business Woman, entrepreneur, spiritual guider, healer, reader and Just being dam good at what i do. Never giving up , always being genuine to other and always and staying real to me . I Thank Myself 🤗

I appreciate each and every single one of you 


 Day 1-closed 

wednesday giveaway-

Im looking for 5 winners

3-Our Lady of Guadalupe   keychain and candle

Know for her blessings, love , and happiness, our lady is great to opening new changes in your life 

1- winner - 1 cleansing skull and 1- stay away 1- destruction, deal with them now and keep it moving  

1- winner -4majic scrubs - you will receive my gold scrub, cleansing salt , work work scrub and sweet control 


2- large 2” lodestone-closed 

1 winner will receive 1 lodestone 2”

no oils  or magnetic sand included 

I have videos on how to care for lodestones 

you will have to clean them , bless them and pray over and name .

1 lodestone can be used to draw in and bring in more work, money, abundance etc


please Enter using your Instagram /Facebook or YouTube name name next to -lodestone 


 7 days of majic day 3-5-closed 

1- winner -cleansing penis

1-Black and white reversing skull
(reversed health situation )

1-Red and black reversing skull
( general reversing and love )

1-7 days Cleansing bath and candles
Cleanse your mind body and soul
I will also give you 2 cleansing mini skulls


7 days of majic Days 6&7 And Staues .

2- blue la madama statue 

1- our lady of perpetual help

3- winners


7 days of majic Days 6 & 7-


1- winner - come to me lesbians candles 

1- come to me penis 

1- obsession skull

1-come to me skull

photos will not be placed into these candles

you will need to create your own petitions 

I have many videos explaining what a petition is and how to correctly write one . 

You should also have the knowledge to work the items that you have Won. 

***Please make sure you email me l majichan1@gmail.com

make sure the  correct address and full name  is sent to me , i will not be responsible for your item getting lost due to your error .  

candles will be fixed and dressed and prayed over .


 Please write what you would like to win next to your comment .please don’t write ( I-want to win anything)

I’m doing giveaways to those really in need of some majic in their lives , not to to those  who just want to see  lucky how they are at the moment .



***You must be following me on all my social media platforms as well , please leave your IG name , YouTube name and face book name at the end of you comments  .


Good luck to all 

Thank you to all who participated

Winners will be announced via YouTube video .

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  • Greetings
    My YouTube name Mary Shuvani I am already subscribed
    I apologise I am not using any other social media at present
    Would appreciate to win Blue La Madama statue
    For assistance in removing the current block in my mediumship caused by another sending a hex to stop me working
    It’s my sole income so help is needed
    Thank you 🙏🏼

    Mary Shuvani on
  • Hello & thanks in advance. I would like to win the La Madama statue. My YouTube name is Visa.
    Thanks again!

    Visa on
  • Hello Majichan!

    I would like to win : – come to me penis candle
    Youtube: Mimi F.

    It’s good to have you back! Thank you for your knowledge that you share with us. Thank you for being real and honest. Love your energy!!

    Mimi F. on
  • New subscriber
    Come to me skull
    IG: rainy_daniels

    Rae Daniels on
  • Hi Majic, i don’t have a instagram and don’t use facebook, only twitter and Youtube. Already subscribed youtube name is Cosmic Solider 144. Would love to win the "Our Lady of Guadalupe keychain and candle Know for her blessings, love , and happiness, our lady is great to opening new changes in your life ". I’m currently embarking on a new business and would love any support from the ether i can get. Thank you and even if i don’t win thank you for everything you do anyway. Happy holidays and many blessings. Ashe

    Brandon Phillips on

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