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Hey guys ,

I’ve been  answering many questions over the years about Spirituality, Majic , how to create more power and strength. How to correctly work a spell  ,videos and ingredients  and guidance to a better mental, physical and spiritual life everywhere i go .

I decided to create a forum to answer as many questions as i can so everyone  can view all the answers and questions they may also have all in one spot . 

 All my products i use in my videos and ingredients can be Purchased directly at my website, all the oils, herbs , powders and candles ,you can also order a service and get  reading .

I offer so much at Majicden. I wanted to make sure i was catering to everyone who pratices Majic.

I wanted to create a space where you guys can ask all those question and order your spiritual items  all in one place  and view watch videos in between to recap .

I welcome you all to use This forum to ask what you need know , spell you’ve been working on , candle your creating , ask what product to use and what not to use .


This forum will Only discuss spells Your workings on rituals,Majic  DIY-Spells Created on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL,INSTAGRAM,FACEBOOK



PLEASE DON’T Discuss  ANYONE else’s products, videos or anything else MY SPIRITUAL WEBSITE.

Please respect everyone else’s opinions 

Welcome to Let’s talk majic !!


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  • I have burned a black candle to forgive those who work magic on me and the strangest things happened. At the time of burning this candle i pured all my forgiveness into it. The more i did this the better i felt. I felt all the junk lift off me. About three days later it came back on me with nothing but hell fire. I was in orientation for a new job when i was kicked out and didn’t know why. Then i almost had a bad panic attack. Then i drove on the wrong side of the raod headed home. When i got home all my plants were dead. No life in them and no way to save them. What could this mean Majichan? What did i do wrong? I took a spiritual bath, saged, grounded myself before dressing the candle to begin work. Please help me figure this out.

    James Franland on
  • Thank you for all that you have done for me

    Gwen on
  • I would like to know what can I do to make sure that my children father pays child support every month and ensure consequences are Brutal if he doesn’t pay. He has arrears since 2014 and he skips payments to finance his luxury lifestyle and I’m fed up.Also how much would a personal reading be? Thanks

    Pisces0318 on
  • My Husband has been cheating on me for the last four years with two different women. How can I stop my husband from cheating and bring him back to our bedroom, where he will not look at another woman or have sex with another woman, and he will onlylove only me and have sex with? I want him where he cannot eat, sleep, shit, think, move, going anywhere, or exist with out me!

    Ursula Jackson on
  • Hi. Had a question regarding your “Screwed” Video. If I were to make the bottle & lime for my landlord & his family, where could I keep it? Do the lemons in the souring spell at the end of the video have to be buried on his property or could I bury them elsewhere? I live on the same property as the landlord & there is a small garden patch which he tends to daily so he would def find the lemons if I bury them there. Thank You!

    Carol on

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