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freezer spells are only complicated when your unaware of the purpose . freezer spells  can be done in various ways , in a jar, containers, bottles, using animals tongues  and even using fruits to represent their genitalia’s when you freezing someone sexually 

When you freeze someone your freezing up their  actions, words ,communication  emotions, sexual contact and your also freezing them from physically being among you or the target it’s intended for . 

Some of you may want to quiet someone’s lies and freeze the gossip back down their throat  and or keep a witness at court silent.

over the years I’ve seen  many forms of freezer spells and by no means should you use it as a form as binding for you lovers to stay , keep your kids in place and keep them behaved  or freeze up a relationship to stay loving.

you cannot freeze Someone and then confuse others and say it will keep things that way, a lot of people who practice have showed the incorrect way to manage freezer spells , resulting in bad spells and messing up the lives of many .

freezer spells are for cold hearted bitches you want to keep away from your man , yourself, family, work , business etc,etc you get it . Freezing them in their place!

Enemies  can be placed in freezer jars using vinegar to sour their lives and keep them cold as their life crumbles before them with all the sourness they will experience .water and a petition shouldn’t be a form as a freezer spell, as i mentioned in many of my videos that water alone  has no majic all properties . When i create my freezer spell i love blending herbs , powders, curios and adding personal concerns that possess the ability to keep things stuck , push away , silence and create that coldness needed for that freezer spell.oil didn’t freeze so it’s rare i add that ,Unless to candle to seal jar .

Freezer spells create  Issues with work, love , commitment, communication, finance troubles  , sex etc..vinegar creates so much negative Situations that freezing it will then keep them stuck in that position as well as sour their lives up  , a freezer jar can be made for many different situations. 

Ive been asked many times can a lime spell be used to sour someone , quiet them and make them repay you and or control them.

No it can’t , I’ve said this numerous time and hopefully today when many of you are reading this, you will get a better understanding as what a freezer spell actually does.

Many of you are working on spells for the first time and often seek online tutorials to help you and educate you about majic , but the people working them have been very uneducated and possibly making up spells that lead nowhere  and now your stuck in a fucked up spell that will do nothing but create chaos.

Many of you have your kids in freezer jars fucking them up already before they can become teenagers, your lovers are in jars from “ from workers “who have no idea that ice create coldness, restrictions and it makes people unemotional, Stops them from interfering with you, interacting and associating with you .its cannot make somone love you at all.

court cases are becoming very complex as well because many of you are freezing the lawyers and judges and even the targets against you in court but then somehow you expect them to expose the truth the the judge. How can that be? 

You’ve  frozen everyone among you that should be sweetened influenced  and now you want them to speak on your behalf and expose the lies they have committed against you ?

a freezer jar freezes, point blank, period!

if you’ve frozen the judge , what more do you expect him to say on your behalf , a court room full of cold ass people  won’t ever benefit you.

You should only freeze up the person you want to stop slandering and speaking ill  negative against you ,that could turn your case upside down .

being misinformed ,yes i get that, but many spiritual workers and pratictioners that know how to make a good jar will  and should know that it isn’t a form of freezing something to keep it that way positively , it’s creates negative affects  .

It’s a form of majic to keep Someone  cold and distance and to silence them up . To keep them sexless when it comes to someone you’ve both been intimate with, if done correctly you can create a jar to keep the target away from your lover, causing them to be so emotional cold and have no interest in Them  that they separate from each other emotionally, physically and mentally  .

You will see many times it can be enough to keep 2 lovers apart, but you then need that extra spell to separate them in full.

freezer jars Are not a break up spells  by no means , if you want to separate 2 people that you have no interest in being around ,then yes both can go in a jar to keep them cold and non-loving , hearts of ice, end that communication  and physical contact enough so that they will want to separate and then you work a break up spells to complete it or destruction to end things in full with a bang. 

Ive done freezer jars and then been emailed why haven't they broken up? , why haven't they separated in full, she is being cold and she is distance and he hasn’t left her , because it’s a freezer jar spell, you will be surprised how many people hold on and bypass their lovers coldness . People hold on that have businesses  together, long term relationship and kids ,so if you want them to end it , break them up as well. 

 Many of you want to make a Limespell and use it to do so much and add in so many people. 

Some quick tips 

1- person per lime  and situation .

dont add your name or the person you want close to the jar for freezing , souring and or even breaking up .

using her, she, he them and or from my family is a great way to get that intention out and not include yourself or personal concerns. 

A personal concern is something from you or you lover such as hair, nails , clothing, shoes, things with you dna and such. Like when you go to stores and they tell you hold on to your belonging and personal concerns they are referring to your personal items , your bags and coats . Something from that person 

Stop placing yourself in freezer jars and stop placing your lovers, husbands ,wives and friends in ice when you create the petitions ,it’s incorrect 

Unless you want them cold and have no care for them , then don’t do it . You can also make temporary spells to keep them cold and then when you defrost in full ,the spells end you dispose . 

if you  want them cold for a long time , keep them frozen for a long time 

 Give spells time to work , many of you working spells automatically assume because you do it , you’ve become so majically overnight that it will work.It doesn't work like that , I’ve made so many videos explaining the process, what works , what doesn’t, what signs and clues to look for that it’s become useless to keep explaining  to people that everything works on its own and time .

Many of you want results overnight and feel if you do it ,it has to work and then you point fingers instead of looking over what you cant really do, what’s to be and what’s  not.

Many are heavy protected so many spells will brush by them. Many of you can’t do majic and it is what it is. So don’t expect if you see a spell online that it’s for you , either you have it or you don’t .

Set it and forget 

peace and blessing 


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  • Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much.

    Carrie on
  • You are freaking amazingly correct. In all the words I have read here you speak so much truth . Always think before you commit to anything and remember what it may or who it may affect. . blessed be 🙏 so many blessings peace love and money if that’s what you need . You keep teaching though and never stop learning.

    Melissa on
  • How can I freeze my husband’s baby momma, their kids are grown and they be on ty he phone forever and been making decisions for him

    Harriett Span on
  • Hi! So one of my MIL’s employees had been really upset with her, and believed she was talking ill of her, and was fired for an unjust reason. We are 90% Positive she froze my mom in laws name in a jar with lemon or lime. Do you know of any ways to possibly reverse this done upon her?

    Hailey Miertschin on
  • Hi what can you can you freeze them both woman make there life. Reverse what they did taking my stuff and my prues with my
    driver. License. And my picture and my clothes and blankets

    Dora on

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