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Welcome to my first blog June 28, 2018

Today is filled with so much positive energy , I decided it was a perfect day to open my Majic blogs.

Thankyou to everyone who have been following me on Facebook, Instagram and My YouTube channel:Majichan!

 Now with my Majic blog we can discuss so much more. Spells, bottles, jars, candleS, baths herbs, oils recipes, how to and what not to do etc..

Majic is such a beautiful creation and to have it is life for many of us who are Spiritually connected .

I want to share my knowledge and thoughts  in as many ways as I can for all my subscribers, customers and my long term clients .

Here at the majic blog we can discuss everything you wanted to know about Majic!

Majic is more than candles and jars its Spirituality, Saints , deities , and the people who keep it flowing consistently.

Gifted  Spiritual workers , our ancestors who Beared the secrets , grew the herbs , made those dolls and left a bit of them installed In us to keep their majic growing and flowing! 

Let discuss how it’s impacted your life , how you keep it’s flowing on a regular basis and how you combine your spirituality with Majic!

Im excited to start this new journey with my blog and I hope many of you are just as excited.

Many blessing to you all on this beautiful day .

Love Majic...



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  • Thanks Brie and welcome to the majic Forum

    Majic on
  • hi Cebrina I cover petitions , dressing candles for Many different spells on my YouTube channel .
    As well as herbs and I showcase many of my handmade oils on there as well. Since I make my own oils yes I have acess to many herbs and that’s also shown and I discuss how to with them as well. Thankyou

    Majic on
  • Yes!! I am here for it. can’t wait

    Athena on
  • Thanks for taking the time to share your gift with others! I appreciate learning new things from you and I will be following and reading your blog as much as possible!


    Brie on
  • I love candles if all shapes, sizes, colors. When it comes to rituals some people go broke to get the right combination to dress their candles. I would live to see more info on dressing candles for different rituals and how simple you can do it or if you have access to other oils and herbs properly dress it and petition it correctly for success. Thanks

    Cebrina Sanders on

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