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Saint lights Spiritual light Service - 7 day light : St Anthony / St Michael / St Joseph / St Christopher/ St rita / St Clara / st Expedito etc

  • $275.00

7 day Novena  

This service is for custom light of your choices my lights( options below) are burned  for 7-10 days sometimes a situation can altar changes and creating longer burn times for your light or shorter 

custom light per your situation you want worked below  /No dark lights 

please leave all the information and details

full name , birthday and any other information needed for your petition . 

If you have the into please email it to majichan1@gmail.com

light will be set within 14-21 days and or depending on the moon cycle ( can be sooner of altar space is available)

all my services are scheduled around my availability and altar space.

you will  receive a photo  and a report once light has been done and is completed .

 Saint lights 

st Michael 

St Christopher 








Martin  de cabellero 





just email  if  you need help 

 Thanks for looking 






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