2024✨NEW✨Sweet Honey Jar (60 days )✨✨-✨Community honey jar -Sweeten every aspect in your life , work, career , business , finances , love , friendships, sweeten your life etc

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2024My community honey jar will be created  per month listed and worked on per person/ per situation  

I will create large honey jars that i will continue to work on throughout the year for January14- to end of year(different jars month for months to push forth new year luck/ blessings/ fortune/ longevity / love/ happiness and that continued  sweetness 

Then after i create additional jars to work again 1- per month /check my group services weekly To stay active in these jars 

Jars completed are kept on a sweet altar 







 ✨1st Jar-January 20-February 20

✨2nd Jar March 1st to March 31

✨3rd Jar May -June 1

✨4th Jar-Aug1-31-Sep30

✨✨5th jar-10- 12/1/23-

you will only be worked per month for that specific jar 

the petition is prayed over , your name is prayed over and i set fresh incense per name while doing the ritual/wed& Fridays each week

 please make sure you also keep track of which jar you are in as well so you can repurchase when i do end of year sweeten for each jar 

1- petition per order and 1 candle will come with a  petition.

I will work the jar to sweeten everything  you need and want And desire in your life , you should be number one in your life  , some of you are walking around loveless and cold , showing no emotions and you lack  this sweetensss in many variations

make sure you do your baths as well / please 1- sentence can only be applied for yourself/ please purchase new honey  petition if your asking to sweeten someone else 

i will add a petition in with you name and dob , with a general petition( if you didn’t send one )  to sweeten things your life, love , happiness, friendship, work, relationship , your abundance ,success and longevity etc 

This group service is beneficial to those who need that touch of majic and sweetness to surround them .
Please include your name and dob .

Thanks for looking 

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