✨May 17-PROTECTION Group Service- protect your mind and soul/ mentally/ physically/ emotionally and Spiritually

  • $30.00


protection for your , your home and family , protection from witches and harm. Protection from sickness and destruction , car accidents and natural protection , extra strength and force of energy to shield you and guard you from all evil , wicked and the devils pack.

my protection service is done same day listed 

each day i will light your protection candle and pray over each one , asking for all intended from  head  to toe 

 my service will shield you from a lot of mental blockages, evil spells and negative energy being sent your way as well  .


i urge  everyone who joins to take a protection bath and wear  a protection bracelet (sold separate)


This service is for 1-  4“ -Protection candle  ,

1- petition per person per situation 

If you want one for the home/ then work / and each family member etc

 please purchase a candle for each situation 

 full name 



Thanks  for looking 

be blessed 

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