24 hours Emergency lights ~   keep energy and light upon your target or yourself ✨choose your light apply to custom lights / protection / cleansing / Jinx breaker / Fierywall /Uncrossing- list inside - Majicden

Emergency Majic lights ~ keep energy and light upon your yourself ✨choose your light / protection / cleansing / Fiery-wall /love/money etc

  • $160.00

Emergency lights will be set within 10 days after purchase- light have to be made and then I’ll set them upon altar 

Please refer to my lights description for details on what lights you can have set.
Full name and dob and photo needed for lights .

one petition and situation per light/your petition request should be focused for one situation , if you have multiple it’s best you purchase lights per each request. 

My lights are created to bring forth more energy , guidance and leave light upon your situation
My lights are created by me , hand labeled by me and dressed and oiled for your specific situation .

They are prayed over once created and set upon my altar for average  7-10 days , once done you will receive a
*brief candle report on how your lights burned and I will read the message left into the wax or any herbs built around it . Report will be sent between 7-10 days


choice of

fiery wall 



Any light not listed here is because  those are listed under the 9-12day lights 

such as


come to me



no dark lights can be set under this listing 

I have a listing for that also 

please choose 1-custom light to have any other light of your choice burned , exclusions apply 

Steady love
Love Jones
Love messenger 
Just stay
Let's stay together
Love notice
Man magnet  
Luv and me
kiss me 
Fire of luv 
Follow me girl/ boy

Money drawing 

Work work 

fast luck 

pay me 


steady clients 

good fortune 

boss fix

business protection

open roads 



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