✨1-day Spiritual Service- Super candle - choose your Service

✨1-day Spiritual Service- Super candle - choose your Service

  • $80.00

My 1-day spiritual services will be worked with a  6” super candle. Dressed, prayed over and written on to help move create spiritual changes and energy  in your life.

my candles burns between 6-8 hours sometimes 10 if it’s a slow burn .

I will set your candle with fresh herbs, my handmade incense and a special written petition to help create the blessing you need in your life .

please send your photo dob and full name .

you have a choice only from the options below 

your service will be worked upon my availability in 7-10 dats  , Moon phase or day of week and you will receive a email when it’s started . 

After The service is disposed you will receive a brief report with photo on the burn .

After the service is completed I will dispose of remains if any at a crossroads /or my garden 

*service  can be repeated on target every 21 days 

Services  will be rotated 

what’s available is listed / if it’s not listed it will be on my next  rotation.




S for success 

work work

Money stay

Quick hits -lucky spell 

Come to me 



Follow me boy/girl 

Stay away 

Shut up

Court case(minor) ((tickets, fees. Summons for car , small cases 



Law stay away 

Home Protection 

kids protection -per child  


Boss fix


Road opener 

S for success


Spell Protection 






Saint /Sporit/Diety custom  services are also available please email me for inquiries.







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