ūüćĮ‚ú®April Jar‚ú®60 day jar ‚ú®Abundance Sugar Jar Sweet group Service- ‚ú®wealth, secure finances, longevity in all things you do will be sweet--petition will be written in a cinnamon stick ‚ú®must order additional lights to be prayed over (May T- lights listed )

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(4/1-5/27)I will create a Abundance sugar filled Jar  with my handmade color sugar and 7 curios for luck 

You name will be added on a cinnamon stick in the jar 

I will make one petition per your request  or a general one 

I will shake this jar every  Monday Wednesday and Friday along with setting a 9 day Jumbo glass candle with everyone’s  name among it  

to bring in wealth, abundance and longevity. To help secure and stabilize all things sweetly for you this month it will me worked  

To boost their finances , work , paychecks and all money coming in to be sweet 

Starts April

Jar is worked  60 days you must purchase additional lights to be prayed over per day

1 light and petition comes with first session  

Jar will  be kept on my altars to be used when i do this service again Each month 

Thanks  for looking 

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