You Devil you(Large Devil Head)(Standing devil 6”-6-1/2” -influence ,Manipulate ,Compel, Control, mind games /mental power/ Payments/ pay me and pay up money owed

  • $85.00

My devil head Candle is great for influencing others and getting them to bend to your will no matter what it is  

create heavy energy over  situations that are monetary. Take control over inheritances, family money and compel others beyond there own means. Submissive lovers , and having your way with others minds and body

Green- control/ greed / manipulation  over money/ cash owed and family inheritance , monetary manipulation and  power 

Yellow-control, compel , influenced changes you’ve created that you want looked into , arrogant lovers , stubborn individuals 

purple-bewitch, bend , humiliation, control , sexual games , submission 


1- Handmade Candle and 1 oil 6-1/2 /4”

Huge Head 

please indicate the color in the notes 

please tell me whom you want it for

name and dob of person

work the devil candle upon yourself to create more power and include it in your controlling  spells and as i day rituals

when  worked for Someone  else , use the devil to manipulate and control them  until they give in restless oil can be used in combination with you devil you oil,  and influence .


Thanks for looking 

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