Sweet herbs -sweeten your money love life , work in attraction , draw in new friends and lovers work opportunities etc(as of 6/8 bigger bag same price -4x6)

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4x6bag full of sweet herbs 

sweeten money love friendships careerr

 finance success abundance your whole life 


***cleanse yourself well prior to any sweet baths to remove negative energy, use my soaps for 7 days and keep super candles ;jinx remover protection and cleansing  going, make sure your really cleaned up before any sweet work  and if your cursed or crosses up , you shidnt use these 

you can add them to your;

Mojo bags





offerings to spirts Saints deities  


my 9 blend of sweet herbs can be used in Love spells rituals of any sort ;come to me spells and spells to sweeten yourself in a short period of time 

cleanse a Lodestone to add in extra strength then bless it and oil it. The sand is its power ,so use it to feed it daily 

work these herbs along with my sweet oil and candle and start a 7 day sweet ritual with a sugar/honey jar 

bring  a large pot of water  to a boil then turn down the stove 

add in ; add in a generous amount of honey to your hot water , let the honey blend and  simmer as you stir , then add in cinnamon sticks , , let the cinnamon cook in with the honey keep stirring  , add in 5 teaspoon of brown sugar 

prayers for all you want should be said  mentally , ******let no one hear your sweet thoughts and desires  and add in honey again stir ...

add in sweet herbs last so they won’t be soggy  

you want the bright colors to illuminate the bath

Add water back to your pots to dilute this sweet mix , stir  and make sure all sugar is dissolve as well as honey

that sweet aroma is needed , don’t add in to much water , just enough to refill back that pot with any water it was reduce to from start

 *Strain the herbs ,if  you want just the sweet bath mixture  

*refrigerated until ready to use

use for 7 days straight along with my sweet oil and sweet candle , combine with 1- Lodestone with money or 2 for Love  and attraction after you’ve bathed , and carry it , feed it and pray over it to draw you restore quicker , come to me oil can be combined with good fortune to draw blessings in and all over your life 

use the whole bottle if it’s water bottles and add to you bath or direct in a shower ,  

Pour feet up  and rub upwards 

or soak for 5 minutes 

*do your regular shower or bath and then use the sweet bath after , air dry and wear vibrant beautiful colors to bed , no black or dark colors for 7 days , 

no dark sheets or curtains in your room , sunshine daily  which will help  your mind ,energy and spirituality  

stray away from negative energy and people on your sweet Journey.


Good luck 

Thanks for reading 



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