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Sugar daddy candle Sweet servcie- sweeten , become more favorable and draw in more cash frim your sugar daddy

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sugar daddy sweet spells 

I will create a  large male sugar daddy candle heavy coated with my sugar daddy herbs and oil. I will pray over you candle and include a generous petition inside .if you  have paper money given by your sugar daddy , you can  send this to me to work in the spell 

 I will light and set for 7 -9 days to sweeten cash flow and generosity 


9 day pink and green  large lights burned anywhere from 9-14 days these lights are larger and thicker can stay lit up to 14 days

I burn lights m-f only 

I will work this sugar daddy light , keep it liy non stop  , it can be worked with a jar ( optional) or alone upon a set up to help draw in a sugar daddy or sweeten the one you you sugar daddy jar on my money altar and pray over it for Each day it’s set with fresh herbs incense and any paper money you have from them 

The key to working someone is to stay consistency 

sweeten your energy  as well with baths And soaps , use oils and powders and get a large lodestone  

please send photos and information 

Wax report will be sent with either one chosen

report will take over 7-10 day to write up

services will be started within 40-45 days 

please choose emergency services fee if you wish to have it worked Quicker 

you must email me first to see if i have a slot for emergency work 

please understand i work alone 

i also need time to make items and to schedule your services due to my availability and other services i have scheduled prior to your order 


altar space has to be available and i have to handmade the candles 

i appreciate your patience and business 



thanks for looking