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Stay away jar package - , candle and herbs included- remove vanish and keep away all negative individuals/ enemies / ex lovers - bottle 4oz

  • $300.00

My stay away jar is used to rid of  all troublesome enemies , you will receive a mini jar filled with my black stay away water mixed with herbs . A fixed candle dressed with herbs to place upon the jar will  also come in package .

1- jar -no petition 

3- stay away  fixed candles 

1 oil 

you have a option to freeze after or work it and leave in a dark place . 

Now if you decide to work it and dispose after I recommend you throw in a river that flows away  from your home or  at a crossroads far far away from where you live 


petition  will not be included in the jar, you will need to write one out. I also have a YouTube video in petition you can watch .

thanks for looking 

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