✨✨✨2024 March-St Joseph feast day-Family home, restore the foundations of stability / restore work relations/ Helps fathers and family rebase/ Steady work / help find apartments/ stabilize living

  • $45.00


chimes/T lights and offerings alongside Jumbo candles and 7 day glass candles 

St Joseph feast day
A small Service for Joseph will be held.Anyone who want to participate can purchase with a candle lit for him.

St. Joseph the -Step father of Jesus and husband of Mary.

St. Joseph is a great Saint to petition for improvements in the home ,marriage , relationships , employment , laborers ,carpenters,construction workers painters, landscapers, etc any hard working man; he is beneficial to Stay at home dads, he is great support for women also. Making sure steady work is abundant and the kids in the home are well fed and taken care of . He is great for many things  when it comes to having a roof over your head ;new home buyers and those selling there home. If your interested in looking for a new place / apartment or condo petition him for his blessings .a herbal petition can also be left or you desire change in your life from all I mentioned 

1- yellow candle chime will be lit along with your petition.

St. Joseph will be gathered around his favorite flowers. Lily’s and fava beans and candles .

Please leave your name and dob and what you want him petitioned for .

no more than 1 sentence please 

Thankyou for your purchase. 

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