St Expedito- Feast day service 4/19-Luck, fiancés, wealth, expedite paper work , legal, new home , money drawing  , end procrastination , employment - Majicden

St Expedito- Feast day service 4/19-Luck, fianances, wealth, expedite paper work , legal, new home , money drawing , end procrastination , employment

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St expedito is a folk saint Many call upon to help expedite their financial issues, home remedies, and almost anything else you can think of that urgently need to come your way. 

His feast day celebrated on 4/19 is a small service I will have for this blessed saint. 

Beheaded for his beliefs this Roman Catholic  is called upon to move  things swiftly and end procrastination when you can’t seem to move quick enough to move your task, complete project at work , and for those of you that are lazy.

he is a great saint to help ones if you with luck as well and games if chance that require fast luck.

when you need money quickly , have paper work that needs to move faster , open cases, court case, legal litigation , issues with your home that need to be fixed quickly, I’ve seen many call upon him for almost everything you can imagine.

When petitioned he is usually promised and payed with  fresh red roses, pound  cake (entermains  is great) glass of fresh water, red T-lights and 7 days candles; a public thanks which can be left upon my Facebook or Instagram channel or just about anywhere where many people gravitate. a donation is option but always welcomed to him , he is a kind st and will appreciate all you can do  . His payment should only be granted when he actually grants what you ask for , if he give you half I recommend you still pay him because he may feel like at the moment half is best for you . 

Highly respected saint and one should always be serious when calling upon him , and repaying him. What ever you tell him you will pay him you should give. 

I’ve  seen him come through swiftly, ending procrastination, helping project go through last minute, approving all types of paper work for cases, moving court cases, helping those who love games of chance walk out with thousands, get job -apartments, the possibilities on what he can do is endless. I urge you to create a relationship with any saint you call upon, they don’t take nicely to being used .

I will light 1- fixed  candle on your behalf and your exact petition  to him .1- sentence is good. Because he was beheaded keeping your intention specific to him should be noted and you should be exact when asking him to help, even telling him what day you would like him to help you grant your petition , I find 7/14 days resonable considering he is moving all over the world spiritually to grant everyone petition and also listen to them .

my service will start 4/19.

Once your  petition is granted you can message me to order one of my offerings services  and I will be glad to set up the option on my altar on your behalf if you cannot do so at home .


full name , dob and petition should be noted in the notes .

Thankyou for looking have a blessed day 

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