Reversing Money Candles!!Reverse and return back the bad luck and misfortune *Send that shit back- reversing cross:large and mini skull

  • $75.00

Only at Majicden! Handmade unique customized reversible money candles. Send that shit right back to them.

My reversible candles are created to remove that bad luck you hold with money, financial blockages and end financial problems;not having any or not having enough. That sudden energy that rolls in and sucks out your energy must be sent back.

Work them to remove the negative energy and blockages stagnating your money issues . Clear away and reverse that back .

Green penis for the cock sucker hater that are cock blocking your cash and moneyflow !!

Mini skull fo the small situations you have financially ,

large green and black skull to help your mind be set and reversed from all the blocking and financial issues your mentall facing.

Not being able to save and spend well, use my large green and black skull. My jumbo reversing can be used for any situation, in jar and with your mojo. Etc..Be sure to cleanse yourself and stay protected .

Be blessed #majic #majichan #majicden #witch #reversing #getsomemoney #bruja #witchcraft #witchy #witchesofinstagram #hoodoo #voodoo #realbitchesdorealthings

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