Reversing group service- Reversing back all evening to sender - Majicden

✨✨May 28-Reversing group service- Reversing back all evil to sender/ Turn things back around to the enemies / hit them with a taste of their own medicine

  • $40.00

My reversing group service will entail the most entensive areas that need reverse and clearing away , getting it off you and sending  it back.

Reversing it back to the sender .

i will work this service on a large glass mirror reverse back what’s on you , the heaviness you’ve been holding in, that curse blocking you , money issues , relationship issues , work issues , fiancés etc and then dispose the remains at a crossroads 

general:red and black

Please send me a small petition fo what you want to reverse or I will create a general petition for you 

1 - situation per candle 

 A general petition will be created to reverse all off you and to send it back to where it originated . 

Full name and dob of person and or your info if it’s for you . 


Thanks for  looking 

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