Obsession honey Jar package - Majicden

Obsession honey Jar package create sweet obsessive feeling emotions and draw in the target heavy

  • $300.00


Package includes -

Obsession honey jar-fixed 

please include the name of the person you want obsessed and their dob and or photo

1- obsession oil

1- obsession powder  jar with herbs and curios / active ingredients 

7 obsession fixed candles 

shipped to you 


my obsession honey jar is great to sweeten you lover obsessively with you , their thoughts, actions and emotions will be obsessively sweetened and enhanced over you. Consistent thoughts and emotions and many of her everyday functions will surface along too. Steadily thinking and overthinking about your love friendship, sex, passion and all you want them to go wild over be sure not to include your personal concerns

whatever you have can be added and if you have nothing it’s fine to keep working it  

this jar is set for the person  you desire  having possessive obsessed wild thought topped with sweetness, which will help any crazed thoughts and keep them at ease due to the honey.



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