✨New Majic Soaps - ✨Sweetness in a Soap( Different Soaps) ✨Pro$perity/ Sweetest / Cleansing /protection/Blockbuster/ come to me/ good fortune / open road/etc-Use drop down menu-All soaps are here use arrow 👇🏼-

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Choose from my list below 

please make sure you select the correct soap in drop down / soap selected in drop down menu is what will be sent 

please don’t  purchase 1- soap then request other soaps in the notes/ your order will not be honored it will be cancelled !!!

All soaps  here aren’t available -Only what’s  on the menu  so use menu dropper to select what’s currently available 

Road opener open new path career new home new ventures etc

good fortune / luck, fortune / money / business/ create financial success

jinx remover remove hexes curses and jinxes lingering 

come to me bring love happiness friendship sex draw in what you desire from a person of interest or lover 

reversing remove and reverse all evil spells  cursed and negativity being thrown at you 

cleansing clear away negativity 

sweetsoap sweeten your mind body and soul

blockbuster remove spiritual build up blockbuster blockades voids blockages mentally physically or emotionally 

New soaps listed weekly 

soaps are rotated  weekly/ it’s best your purchase when that exact soap you want is available.

1 soap request aren’t accepted/No pre orders!!

I will  it make 1 soap only especially if it’s been available that week and you decide you want it after it’s SOLD OUT 

Purchase it when it’s available 

( you will have to wait until that soap is made again / you can purchase a whole loaf if your in need of a larger batch )

Thanks for looking 


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