✨Spiritual herbs & Roots - you choose - sealed fresh ✨(bag fulled) Alfalfa/ (back in stock -Patchouli/comfrey/catnip/hibiscus/blackberry / 5 finger grass/ licorice / Agrimony /lovage/ motherwort /queen root /lemon balm /Master of the woods/ etc

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Please select your herbs from the drop down menu 4x3 bag soft herbs 

Seeds And hard roots are heavier and will come in a slightly smaller bags 3x3 

Herbs list 

please message me about herbs/ I have many not listed on here but i may have availability in my shop 

The ones i mention in my videos get sold out quickly but most likely i have them .


✨agrimony - back in stock  - uncross / break hexes -I’m stock 

✨alfalfa- loans favors money - in stock 

✨hyssop  cleansing clearing  - in stock

✨balm of gileads- 9 balms - relationships  - In stock 

poppy seeds - confusion / mental corruption / collapse energy 

brown mustard - repel enemies send them in a different direction -sold out 

blackberry (sold out)-reverse back 

✨Patchouli leaf (back in stock  )— love sex more enemy/jinx remover/,come to me /draw in/money/relationship / draw in blessings / new paths 

-Comfrey leaf  -Money stay -sold 

Comfrey root  good for travel and protection  - sold out 

-Quassia -compel/control/- sold out 

-Eucalyptus leaf -cleanser/purify/removal

-Catnip -sex /keep lover up under you , relationships 

✨-Blessed thistle -remove health issues  in stock 

-Lavender - Love /peace /relationship/happiness /gay relationships 

lovage root - 5 pieces of lovage/ love root -sold out 

Motherwort- protect your kids - sold out 

✨-Pennyroyal - respect / calm fighting / tranquility -in stock 

Raspberry leaf -keeps lovers at home

✨-Damiana -relationship/commitment / love/ return old lovers 

-Hibiscus-love attraction affection passionate lovers 

5 finger grass luck money gains favors 

sage leaf- cleanse renew remove - sold out 

Fenugreek- money work career finances -sold out  

✨lemon balm - remove past emotions -back in stock  

lemon verbena - break up relationships cause fights 

licorice sticks 5-6” control manipulation 3- sticks - sold out 

 ✨calenduLa - luck  court case -in stock 

witchgrass - use in spells for enemies -sold out 

wintergreen - blessing for kids luck success

spearmint - money protection 

chamomile- luck gambling sleep/ peace / tranquility 

✨  mate - love  / spells / dolls 

Yarrow leaf  -courage wisdom strength power domination mentally over yourself 

lemon grass - removes obstacles break blockages 

✨New - in stock 

fenugreek leaf - money 

red corn flowers- love 

st johns wort - blessings 

red clover - love 

jasmine flower - love 

wild mint - money  protection 

knot weed root - control things - sold out 

Solomon seal sliced thin - school work influence success 5 strips 

pink flowers - marriage love relationships 

please email me some herbs aren’t listed /  I dry out herbs weekly and get new herbs weekly 

 Thanks for Looking .





1- selection will be in bag 

Message me if you wish to inquire about a herbs not here 

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