La madama 5-1/2 “ spiritual candle candle - Blessings ancestors guides spiritual help, family /work /home /Business/work these candles for heavy energy to call forth upon the many spirits that watch over you

  • $45.00

Madama is one of many spirits. These are famous black conjure women, who either practiced hoodoo and other witchcrafts paths  and were slaves .

She is  normally presented as wearing aprons or gingham skirts, and also to wrap their hair in cloth, all of these materials being the same color. Around the world there are many La Madama spirits. 

She can be placed on ancestor altars , called upon in time of need and helps greatly guide you with your spells and spirituao  issues .

Many are of ancestors with black descendants as well as Spanish and used in many spiritual aspects 

 Use this candle  , while petitioning for the blessings you need .

blessed prayed over 

no herbs or oil 

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