How to burn sage - directions

How to burn sage - directions

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This isn’t a listing please don’t order this 

just directions for you 

please print it out at Home 


Directions :

prior to this the kids should be cleansed and any one else in your home. 
make sure they have protection bracelets and sage them after their baths from feet up in a circle, then you do you that night before . 

the following day ;

before the sun rises, start your home cleanse, majic wash, or blue wash will do. Take your sage  water and place small cups by the door. 
after the home has been fully cleaned ,light a cleansing candle and do your bath, either the majic soaps / body wash/ majic scrub or cleansing bath in tub will do .( if you prefer this step after you mop and sage you can )

towel dry , wear white or light colors, no dark scarfs are permitted and make sure windows are closed and you begin to sage each room as you loudly recite psalms 23, our father and a personal prayer for all evil hindering and lingering to come up out your home ! As loud as you need to ( if others are sleeping )use your indoor voice

continue with these prayers through each room then go to front door ,no don’t open it , followed with each window and ask of that low level vibrations to come up out your home !!!

Ask to remove all there belonging with them ,take all that energy and never return . Then open  door and keep windows open ,After   you can sage from your  feet up  for any thing stuck on you to leave .

wash with my cast off evil hand soap then use the oil, 5 spot the home , spread black salt and pray at your altar 

light a 9 day cleansing candle 

after the 9 days light either sage candle or a 9 day protection candle. 

repeat each month until  the home is strengthening and powerful 

you can also place a huge evil eye on the wall after and light frankincense Daily  for 7 days after you’ve done this ritual .