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July 10✨Healing Group Services-Heal restoration Forgiveness/ healing past hurt and pain lingering in your soul/ healing past breakup / healing old grudges to restore your heart

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Welcome to my healing group services

My focus when I work on healing is to remove the hurt still sitting over you blocking you from moving forward and accepting the blessings youve stopped , while staying stuck in a place of hurt. 

Feeling of sadness after a breakup, lost of a loved one, being emotional hurt and betrayed also causes you to be sensitive to trusting and it gets in the way of  heal from . A lot is the mental ability to see past the emotional damages  you stay in.

Sometimes you keep yourself hurt because you don’t want anyone else to add more damages to your life. It’s best to heal the now , forgive and forget the past and move forward to a wonderful future.

You cannot heal every single things in your life , healing this moment , today and now will help you get over smaller issues you thought you needed to heal .

healing the emotions to help you to love again and be happy is good. Healing so you can trust and laugh again with old friends is great and healing your heart and mending and renewing it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself .

So if your holding on to things someone has said or a relationship that you have yet to move forward from , heal it now so tommrow can have some light and love promised for you . Get out that dark space .


full name and dob is needed , tell me briefly what you want healed.

consider purchased my healing soaps also and healing bath . 

This service is for 1- day , 1 candle and 1 petition.


thanks for looking be blessed 

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