✨Head cleansing group services - cleanse your head thoughts-and restore clarity with this multi head group servcie / 1-cleansing head per petition/ remove heaviness/ tired and weak mental health

  • $125.00
  • Save $50

Head cleansing group services - cleanse your head thoughts  and restore clarity with this multi bed group service  / each person will be made a  mini cleansing head

 I will work 2 different days , this will allow me time to split the working / you can choose your day/ otherwise your skull will be done on one of the days listed 

this is not a 2 days service just 2 different days are open 

renew your train of thoughts 

cleansing your energy mentally

This multi group head cleansing will be done on the start of the day listed / I will not reopen it for last minute 

 please email one photo only person the person requested on petition 

full name / complete dob

1 sentence telling me what you need cleared head wise

I also strongly recommend you doing a weekly baths while you have this service done 

a Email  will be sent to those whom participate with  brief details on the service  And how it burned 


Thanks for looking 

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