šŸ’„10/4- Fertile myrtile oil lamp group service -increase your chances on getting pregnant/ adoption/ IVF/sperm donors/ surrogacy( oil lamp )

  • $40.00

My fertile myrtile oil lamp was created to help boost your fertility energy / stick pregnancy longer for those who often misscarry and anyone on this journey who feel they need some prayers and spiritual energy . Those looking for Sperm donors / IVF/ adoption / all walks through this path of a beautiful beginningĀ 

I highly recommend you get a reading to see if you have any blockages conceivingĀ 

get a womb cleansing if needed .

I have baby feet in pink and blueĀ 

i will create a lamp once a month to help boost and stick thatĀ Ā babyĀ 

heavy prayer is a must with all group servicesĀ 

i also recommend on your end that you do your cleansing bathsĀ 

keep the home cleanse and keep your partner cleanse and i recommend you use sweet soaps and bath and use my oh baby oil . Add to you baths water each morning / prior to trying andĀ Ā for any interview or appoint for IVF.Ā 

if you are looking to adopt or surrogacy you can also use this service Ā and i will petition for your chances to be sweeter on your end .Ā 


baby feet colors are limited ( please consider this )

so i will try my best to light a blue or pink for your choice

but when i am limited

prayer for a healthy child will be set with light and baby feet of any choiceĀ 

oil lampĀ 

pregnancy herbs

fertility herbs

and herbs to help improve adoption and surrogacy. Ā 

good luck and many blessings in your ttc journey. May your baby be healthy and blessedĀ 

group service Ā photos will be emailed/ reports aren sent with group servicesĀ 

I will not share anywhere elseĀ 

THanks for lookingĀ 

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