Female service- uncross, remover, or draw in- choose your service - Majicden

Female service- uncross, remover, or draw in reverse back sexual discomfort - choose your service

  • $475.00

My handmade female sex candle are made to help turn   Things back around in your favor . marriage, sex, lust, new lives, reversing, Cleansing , healing, restoration or custom 

Each candle is made with fresh herbs and oil, prayed over and disposed in a flower pot  or it can be mailed to you to dispose.

please include your full name and dob and photo

service will be worked upon my next availability and or day of week or Moon phase typically within 10-14 days 

you will receive a report and photos in the service and how it burned .



healing - heal vaginal situation and or work a healing for miscarriages and those with fertility issue .

black and red- reversing sexual situation and blockages you have , painful sex and or no sexual feelings 

Pink- lust, friendship, new relationship 

white -marriage, purity , cleansing 

black-block another woman from sleeping with your man , block her sexually 

green-jezebella to draw in more money and sex with sugar daddy 

Orange - open roads sexually - to help have new adventurous sex

red- draw in men bring them to you 

purple-dominate sex with your lover 


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