Breakup them\divorce/separate (Destruction jar Package/oil and candles included ) Sour your enemy and destroy all around them- Jar is made and shipped for you to work at home( not a service)

  • $475.00

This jar is the mother of all things destructive. Fixed with every single thing you will ever need to cause total destruction in someone's lives.

Making them fight daily , lose their jobs, Be singles out as a black sheep and be hated among others, it’s curses every aspect in their life causing serious badluck and damages every where they go, accidents happen, lost, it’s a hexing that will be stuck in them quite a while and will not remove itself off them . 

Prepared with my special 4 theives  vinegar and a custom blend to tear things up . My jar was created to sour your enemy and enemy’s life , relationships, friendships, co workers, whomever you desire to create destruction over .

Break them up, make them fight, argue, drive them crazy as they soak and suffer as destruction build up so quick among them that it tears them down before they get a chance to realize what's happening

Please provide details as to whom you want in the jar and a brief description of what you want to happen

Included destruction black candles  and 15 ml destruction oil  to set over jar /Strong  jar / with petition written if needed to send the photos and you can leave details in the notes below or just email it to my gmail also.

Full name , dob and everything you want me to know about the situation to make sure the goal is aimed at.

The jar will be shipped to you when I’m done creating it . 

The jar is worked by you . 

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