✨Cleansing /protection/Blockbuster/Healing/Success Bath Body butter (Choose what you want )lather away Spiritually✨

  • $15.00

As seen on my YouTube channel 

use before during and after your spells to cleanse yourself 

Its a body butter soap!!!

2oz -$15-unavailable

all 2oz containers are unavailable 

I currently have only 3oz

a much larger size 

you will get a larger size for now 

Now Available in 5oz 


my cleansing body butter bath scrub is Infused  with pink himilayan salt. To cleanse away that negativity flowing along you, keep your mind body and soul refreshed.

bathing using just a bit andmlathering from neck down, pray away the negative as well as the peopl places and things you’ve snt gone from you

spiritual work should be consistent so use this daily until it’s done!

follow with cleansing candle to keep that energy over you with light and energy 

candle not included 

your own personal prayer should be used to help to  put that in the universe and cleanse it away for good

YYou  will receive a jar full of cleansing bath


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