Cast off Evil oil 1/2 oz - Majicden

Cast off Evil oil - cast away remove and clear out evil entity energy’s and individuals-1/2 oz

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My cast off Evil was created to cast away and send the Evil living within far away from you. in your home  home , away from you family, relationships, your car, energy you govern daily had to be lifted out the deep dark places it lies and manly out you.

Sometimes you create the evil living within you by absorbing i from the very people you keep around. It may be building up from a job you hate , friends you hang around and rhings you see, places you sit and  things you touch, and hear daily. Cast it away and pray to god to remove it up and out the places it shouldn’t live . 

Blie candles are great for removing energies and bringing back some teanquily and peace you desire. After cleansing the home with my majic wash, and taking a cleansing bath light your candle up and pray for the evil to remove itself from within. Wear all white and keep you head wrapped in white , call upon Jesus for clarity and pray and or whom you pray to for restoration of peace . My light blue house of peace candle can also be lit along with drop if teanquilty in fat candle.


stay blessed 

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