Dark Skulls -Destruction, revenge, reverse , confuse, corrupt, misguide etc..

  • $60.00

Each skull is customized to your need. I don't engrave these skulls you would have to do that once you receive it.
Skulls can be fixed for break up, destruction, hotfoot, sending evil to someone mind, craziness, confusing them or making them quit the tie job and end their own happiness. Skull will have herbs , oils and a fixed petition centered at bottom so it won't burn .

Skull are used to influence the mind of individuals. Make them change their mind and confuse there thoughts and throw them off balance.

Please include what type of skull you want, name of who it's for ,along with dob and a photo if you have it. Include in notes below.

Photos can be sent to my gmail Majichan1@gmail.com Once you have ordered.

Thanks for shipping with me 

Sold as curios only

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