Majic wash - Chinese wash- Purify/cleanse clean and clear away negativity and unwanted energy /Mop and cleanse home / walls /floor /curtains/altar etc 8oz

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Use this to cleanse the home and also add to mop water and bath.

My Chinese wash is created to help cleanse away all that negativity you feel that make the home feel heavy and you energy feel low.

Wash it away and create a new Aura and a new fresh scent of positive energy .clear away that evil and bring in the good.

Light 1- candle In each room your cleansing through  , Wiping down  ,Spraying carpet and or curtains and bed  . It can be added into your own special mix with 3 capfulls  of majic wash 

sage can be done  before or after  along with taking a cleansing  bath to finalize your home cleansing ritual .

You will receive a 8oz plastic bottle 

2 oz more thanks before 

same great price 

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