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Cleansing skull (mental cleanser ) -White skull service- cleanse clean clear your mind and dark thoughts of all negativity and Wickedness

  • $525.00

White skull mental cleanser is used to clear and clean the mind of thoughts and idea that have been haunting you mind with negative energy. Worked for 9 days this service will help you clear away and create clarity in your head.

My 9day service was created to give you better thoughts , clearing all blockages that have been building up surrounding you with heavy unclear thoughts . Negative thinking and being pessimistic will no longer be a burden .

Helping you to pass messages and gain more clarity over your conscious and mental astuteness.

Let me help you gain more-clear thinking, common sense, comprehension, enlightenment, foresight, good judgment, insight, intelligence, judgment, knowledge, levelheadedness and perceptiveness with this cleansed mind

Please Leave all details below in the notes and you can email me the photo after purchase. Name , dob and any other details should be included.

All service are scheduled typically within 30 days, days and or moon phases will determine this scheduling .

You will be notified on the day your service is started with a start email and photo of the work once it has been started.

A report and 3-5 photos will be emailed . The report will give details as to how the work went , I will read the flame, wax , smoke and you will receive a detailed report as to what to expect with the burn results .
Reports are emailed 7-10 days after due to heavy volume that may be longer .

Photos should be emailed to my gmail after you have paid for your service

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