Bay rum leaves (Sun dried ) & Other fresh leaves / make rum mixes / oil / spiritual water/ also available- lemon leaves/ all spice / abre Camino / cinnamon fresh leaves Rue leaves fresh (I have dry and fresh)Make your Herbal baths

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Fresh bay rum leaves used to make your bay rum , oil and also use to wash your hair beard promotes extensive hair growth 

you will receive fresh leaves / In a 5x7 bag  depending on your choice 

all herbs are fresh when i receive them  and you will receive them dried or fresh off plant 

soak to create your bay rum wash and use in recipes for oils 

Other leaves available ;

use drop  down menu to see what’s  available now 

fresh orange sun dried

lemon leaves - fresh or dry 

all spice dried - sold out 

cinnamon leaves fresh or  dried 

abre Camino dried or fresh - sold out 

rue leaves fresh Or dried - sold out 

1 leaf or bag Full per order 

Thanks for looking 

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