MAJIC CHAT-(Phone consultation)BOOK A CALL ;SPEAK TO ME VIA PHONE(Seriously Customers only ✨✨

  • $80.00


✨Follow up calls are not for new customers/ its only for customers who have spoken to me 3 times already and just need 15 mins to verify/ clarity and let me know some things they don’t want to discuss via email / also for customers that i am doing Services/ Rootwork for / not group services

please don’t choose follow up if youve never spoken to me / the call will be cancelled if i have never spoke  to you and or its not your 3 rd time speaking to me . 
15 mins only . 

Please wait for me to email you a time slot .

All calls will be done via phone( my Cell)  or Facebook messenger (overseas), prior to your call , please make sure your messenger is set up and working .

* You must have a working number to be called , if you don’t please follow the steps to creating a Facebook account and you can speak to me via Facebook messenger 

 *NO Recording our Call Allowed  *

You must call at the time assigned .missing you scheduled time 1st time  and cancelling same day will result in refund and a $15 fee which will be taken out the fee. 

If you miss your call 2x times after rescheduling a $50 fee will be taken and you will be sent back $25

Don't waste my time ! I have many callers  waiting to be spoken to at a certain time. When you miss your call , or are late and cancel same day without at least 48 hours notice ,it really is a inconvenience, i understand things happen ,but i set aside time for this day and  you cannot expect to step over into someone else’s time when you do these things  .

you have 30 mins to speak to me 

Calls will not be RESCHEDULED when you miss your turn ,  you be REFUNDED for missed calls and a fee *will be taken out as mentioned above .

Everyone’s  Time has importance , please make sure you call me on-time. 

I am on Eastern time so call is set up to call me via that time .

30 mins chat with majic about all Your needs .

Readings are not included in this chat(No Exceptions).

please don't ask any questions that would pertain to a reading . Advice and recommendations will be provided .

I can give you tips to help working your services on products you have purchased from me.

I can't and will not help you work a spell or products you purchased from anyone else other than myself ,nor can I answer questions about any other work you have done prior to me with another Rootworker.

Only that rootworkers should be asked the questions about their own services.

Must be available on that day and time scheduled

✨All calls will be done on Friday- Between 5-7pm ✨

calls will be schedule within the availability i have anywhere from 7-21 days wait time/ book early 

This service is for 1- 30 min call with me.

discussing anything else  your needs ,to help you better your spiritual results .

Orders cannot be placed over phone. . 

Emergency call 45mins / separate listings add emergency chat 

30 mins will not exceed nor can you continue the calls unless you have 2 calls already booked.

please try to make the call and please don’t waste my time by missing them over and over . 

***Please list your time zone and hours ahead if you aren’t in Eastern time zone* I am on Eastern time * It your responsibility to ensure that you note how many hours you are ahead or behind my TIME ZONE!***

 Thanks for shopping with me 



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