Sweet Majic Rice-(pink/Red Green/New sweet yellow)-2oz love/money/Sweetness use on altar as offering / under rugs in spells and ritual for love or money/New-Sweet rice-Starting 1/23/20-Larger size /2oz more now you get 4oz

  • $8.00

My sweet green rice was made to create more luck and abundance, made with green sugar to sweeten all you finances  . Use with your candles, sprinkle around the home or add some to you mojo bags.

For in home business spread rice along with Irish moss under rugs and at corners . Change every 7 days  

for steady work add green rice with lodestone sand and sprinkle it in the home every out day to increase and draw in more work 

My red lover rice was created to work alongside my honey jar. To create more love and passion wherever it has been layed . Sprinkle rice once a month inside you bedroom to create more pleasure in your bedroom 

You will receive 4oz 

please leave color in the notes 


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