Come to me Love service-Full package 10 days/ rekindle renew and pull back a lover - Majicden

Come to me Love service-Full package 30 days/ rekindle renew and pull back a lover/ honey jar and image candles

  • $2,100.00

This 30 day service

scheduled within 30 business days

heavy wait time can late this but you will be emailed 

weekends are excludes so i will work 1 full week 2x Monday to Friday over your lover

 its created to bring your lover closer to you and or bring someone to you closer on a more emotional and physical level.

This service can be used to bring lovers to you that are afraid to get close, show love and or those lovers that are hard to communicate with that have created an shell keeping every one out scared to love and to give love .

Make them come to you, to show you what you desire and to show you how much they can offer them self as your lover.
My service will help those who want there partner to spend more time with them, pulling them in and drawing them near. come to me will bring long distance lovers closer, come to me will bring you husbands closer come to you, it can also be used to bring a lover you have in mind closer to you as we'll .

My honey jar created will be worked 7 -9 days to sweeten your lover and 2 image candles . Along with helper lights 

Email photos, name and dob and all information to

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