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Ammonia jar Service1 Turn your situation around/ reverse actions(not for love )

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My ammonia jars are created to turn situation around.ammonia doesn’t necessarily reverse all situation present ; because I’ve worked on some jars and watched  where it turned it around for the better ,when it reversed a situation and it goes back to how it was intended the oath already becomes clearer for the intended . This jar will be created along with the petition . Please include you full name and the situation you need turned around. Ammonia should be used for Love, child birth or fertility, health or any relsyionshio matter . 

Great for turning around hot water situation at work, ticket in court , and court case. Issues with money and things owed. Bills , some financial situation it’s gray firs loans and banks .credit collectors , changing decisions setbwithiut your permission, child support , landlords and eviction. Car issues, purchases. Small and minor decisions that you want changes at school or in class .

jar will be created and stored for up to 6 months . 

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