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Customized Mojo Binding Bag- tie up keep a hold of your relationship partner lover or friend keep them binded to you mentally sexual and emotionally

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This package is for a custom made mojo bag, mojo bag patterns, material and size will vary. each bag will be custom made, custom items take time , so please be patience  .

please specify what type of bag you woud like for your situation. each bag will come with a oil and a special made custom candle(red candles ) to work with your mojo .

*Mojo Bags are worked by you, make sure you are giving the bag the power and strength needed. Make sure your working on a person  as well that’s not tied up in energy to others or a heavy relationship such as a marriage .

Get a reading or read your target and work the mojo on your altar with other things . 

Mojo bags should be feed and powered and you should have knowledge in working them, I have a YouTube video you can watch to help you build your bags energy and power 

This bags is all your Energy when you work it , filled with powerful roots herbs and curious. 

✨Good Luck  to you 

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