JTC ROOT-High John the Conqueror Root - Power,mastery,luck ,attraction, powerful court case root /work/money/abundance/power root /Carry to defeat all things in life/move forward/create balance/ethics/structure/Successful root

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John the conqueror Root  curio
Used for power, can be placed upon your altar. Use in your mojo bag for luck ,mastery and male strength .

feminine strength in attraction spells 

used for many spiritual spells 

court cases the person in court should carry this root 

attraction, new love

power, mastery , control , luck , money work etc 

Size will vary

1- piece

Mini small, medium , large ,extra extra large 

(New-Crushed root pieces )you can add to mojo oils baths etc/ in car/ corners of windows / hide in secret places etc  vial or bag 

Sold as a Curio.

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