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Follow me - Lovers Service/ make them follow you want you and need you always( moving spell)

  • $1,200.00

My 7 day follow me service was created to get your lover to do just that. Keeping your lover with you wherever you go. Showing up and being a great lover, supporter, and always there when you need them. Taking the next steps with you, huge moves and just being there always. This service will have your lovers at your door when you need them .

No questions asked they are there. Given you all of them , great for lovers who are stubborn and have to be asked numerous times to give you support at events, work or just being there more in the relationship.

Following you like a puppy they will always tail you . This service will always help create more love and romance and they become more available to you when in need . Get your guy or girl to follow you today.

Please Leave all details below in the notes and you can email me the photo after purchase. Name , dob and any other details should be included.

All service are scheduled typically within 14 -21 days, days and or moon phases will determine this scheduling .

You will be notified on the day your service is started with a start email and photo of the work once it has been started.

A report and 3-5 photos will be emailed . The report will give details as to how the work went , I will read the flame, wax , smoke and you will receive a detailed report as to what to expect with the burn results .
Reports are emailed 7-10 days after due to heavy volume.

Please leave your full names, dob and details in the notes

Photos can be emailed to

Stay Blessed

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