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Big Business service- longevity abundance clients success/ stabilize work matters/ help your growth and better all business matters

  • $475.00

My Big Business 9 days service was created to help money flow in quickly,giving you that extra nudge needed to seal the deal with important financial situations .
Signing that huge deal, Getting the bank to approve the loan, best used when you want to complete huge contracts and get money majically
Following in . Promotions , raises, business deals , new business contracts , opening a new business and things dealing with business and all business. my service will help you close out on it . Get the clearance need to financially finalize.

Emergency services are created within 10 days 
Please choose emergency services fee in order to fulfill this as well as email me prior to see if emergency service can be started .

Please Leave all details below in the notes and you can email me the photo after purchase. Name , dob and any other details should be included.

All service are scheduled typically within 30 days, days and or moon phases will determine this scheduling .

You will be notified on the day your service is started with a start email and photo of the work once it has been started.

A report and 3-5 photos will be emailed . The report will give details as to how the work went , I will read the flame, wax , smoke and you will receive a detailed report as to what to expect with the burn results .
Reports are emailed 7-10 days after due to heavy volume.

Please leave your full names, dob and details in the notes

Photos can be emailed to

Stay Blessed

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