Phallic (Penis) candle- Custom Handmade upon your request *penis candle , entice sex passion emotions restore sex life

  • $50.00

Custom make penis candle

1- situation per penis , the penis cannot be fixed to create more than 1- petition
It will be -
Filled with herbs and oils and loaded with your petition/ photos.

Each penis is made fresh per order .

I will customize the color according to the situation

I will dress the candle with the appropriate herbs and oils I see fit.

Please don't ask to customize this candle with more than one petition and or engraved signs, sigils, or lengthy exterior petitions .

The candle will take time for me to put together , with herbs, oils, color, your petition and or photo .

I cannot and will not create more work upon it . If you want a engraved toucan do so once you receive it .

Send me your full name, dob and photo if you want that included in the penis
And any other info you want for this custom candle
Or you can leave information in the notes below

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