Stuffed with Majic-Round skull dolls/Poppets- love protection Finances work relationships etc choose your custom made Majic Poppets

  • $125.00

Hand made poppet doll 

2 sizes small / large 

round made to help stuff all the majic goodies inside 

herbs / curios / petitions / roots / fresh oils added 

and sewn . Will be blessed and prayed over 

please allow me a few weeks to perfect this 

Love and attraction 

money and Finances

control aNd influence  

luck good fortune 

Steady clients / money drawing 

better business / fortune 500

you tell me

One type of make should be included in notes with your name or name of whom doll is for 

numerous situation can’t be combined 

It will confuse the element of the poppet

photo can be emailed

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