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Money house blesser-Home service- success financially stable abundance home and business longevity

  • $475.00

My 9 day money house blesser service will help create more financial blessings centering your home, great especially for at home businesses that need a boost.
I will work this service for 9 days with daily prayers to bring in abundance and wealth as well as longevity to your home and business .
Fresh incense, and herbs will surround This 9 day glass candle ,Bringing in the blessings needed to give the success you desire. This service will bless all areas among the home and you as well.
Why not spread the blessings among you and all in your home .

Consider it a 2 in one, money and blessing all coming in, creating happiness in the home, peace, and good fortune.

Please Leave all details below in the notes and you can email me the photo after purchase. Name , dob and any other details should be included.

All service are scheduled typically within 7-14 days, days and or moon phases will determine this scheduling .

You will be notified on the day your service is started with a start email and photo of the work once it has been started.

A report and 3-5 photos will be emailed . The report will give details as to how the work went , I will read the flame, wax , smoke and you will receive a detailed report as to what to expect with the burn results .
Reports are emailed 7-10 days after due to heavy volume.

Please leave your full names, dob and details in the notes

Photos can be emailed to

Stay Blessed

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