Fresh (Real)-Jezebel root- used for ladies of the night / strippers/Bartenders /sugars daddy and to gain generosity of clients/Customers

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Jezebel root-
Use for your sugar daddy's and to attract wealthy men.

Ive used the wooded birch for many years and trust me it has alot of intentions within it/especially when your praying over something and working it heavy to give your clients the bEst outcomes 

if your looking for a headache start looking for this root 

fresh / it’s a completely different root than the wooden version sold . 
fresh roots is the best way to go !!! 

There  are so many roots with similarity’s but fresh Jezebel has its distinctions 

after about 6 months  of waiting i get my hands on these/ some of my clients still request the bark but once they get  fresh roots ( dryer or fresh when you get it) they never go back make sure you know how to dry out this root !! 

you will never go back to wooded bark  once you see the power in this fresh Jezebel root 

works even better for that generosity/ those who want more tips/ late night lovers/ Jezebel isn’t for broke men ok  / they can’t give you something from nothing  and for those who wish to do the cursing over enemies  / be cautious it keeps them rooted a lifetime 

1 fresh or Dry to order) Root 

dried will take me at least 15 days to dry from being fresh/please order ahead of when you need it 

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Thanks for looking 

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